January 2018
Mixtli Chanocua, 1st Grade, Son of Judith Garcia-Lorenzo and Vincente Chanocua
Mixtli ALWAYS celebrates others in our class. Mixtli is always eager to share school supplies and help his classmates in any way he can. He always cleans up the room, even classmates left-behind messes! Mixtli is a wonderful listener and he is a good "noticer!" Mixtli is such a great example of kindness to others, he is extra sweet and smart too! 

December 2017
Ashley Delgado, 4th Grade, Daughter of Ines Delgado
Ashley is kind-hearted, hard working, and a natural born leader. She is the first person to help a student or teacher in need whether it be by sharing a kind word, translating between Spanish and English, or helping a friend better understand a new concept. She makes the school and classroom better just by being a part of it. 

November 2017
Miayanah Martin, 2nd Grade, Daughter of Nicole Bagby
Miayanah is a great role model, always willing to help her peers and teachers. She plays and interacts with her peers with a joy and kindness that is not observable in most 2nd graders. She is giving and compassionate when she sees a need and she shares her supplies. Miayanah is a joy to have in class! 

October 2017
Shaunessy Thurman, Kindergarten, Son of Jennifer Jones 
Shaunessy is an excellent student. He always follows directions and excels in his school work by doing his best. He sets a good example for Franklin on how to be a team player; he goes out of his way to make sure all friends are included when playing. Shaunessy is a leader and a role model and he always has a smile on his face.

Sept 2017
Joseph Arrington, 4th Grade, Son of Sarah Barham
Joseph is the ultimate leader and always sets a positive example for his peers. He has earned the most positive referrals in our school and continues to strive to be the best. He helps his classmates improve daily on their positive behaviors. Joseph is exceptional! We are so proud of you, keep up the awesome work! 

May 2017
Franklin Elementary School - De'Kirah Townsend, 1st Grade, Daughter of Tiarah Davis. 
De'Kirah always has a smile on her face and is willing to assist anyone who needs help. She works hard every day in class and always makes an effort to give her teacher a smile and a hug. Congratulations, De'Kirah! We are so proud of you!!

April 2017
Nataya Williams, Kindergarten, Daughter of Brandy Borner. 
Nataya is a model student. She is always following directions when asked and is also dependable! She is always willing to help others when she is not even asked! Nataya is hands down the best student because she goes, SAFELY, RESPECTFULLY, AND RESPONSIBLY any place she goes! 

March 2017
Camille Wersel, 2nd Grade, Daughter of Toni Alexander and Eric Wersel.  
Camille is always willing to share with other students. She brings in additional school supplies so all students have what they need in order to learn. She also lets other students go before her on the computers when taking AR tests. This is done quietly and without fanfare and I know it comes from her heart.

February 2017
Daniel Santos, 1st Grade, Son of Ines Delgado and Leonardo Santos
Daniel is always doing what is asked of him and with a smile on his face. He is above grade level in his academics and
is a joy to be around. Way to go Daniel!! We are so proud of you!!

January 2017
Tadaja Watson, 1st Grade, daughter of Tasha Watson
Tadaja immediately came to mind when thinking of nominations for Terrific Tiger. She came to Franklin from another school, and I am so glad she is here! She is always modeling the expectations, without prompting, and is a friend to everyone. She tries her hardest in all that she does and is an excellent role model!

December 2016
Mariah Gilliland, 1st Grade, granddaughter of Michael & Marcia Mahurin
Mariah has earned much love and admiration from her peers as a result of her warm, gentle nature. She radiates happiness and joy, brightening the day of everyone she encounters. Mariah is everything you'd want in a student. She has an honest nature and she conducts herself with the highest integrity. But that is only scratching the surface of her greatness. Mariah has a brilliant mind and possesses tremendous work ethic. Her determination and commitment to being her best everyday has resulted in an ever evolving student destined for greatness. Mariah is the epitome of Terrific Tiger!

November 2016
Dashandria Wiseman, 2nd, Grade, daughter of Lashonda Twiggs

Dashandria is the ideal student and person. She is always doing what she should be and trying to encourage others to do the same. She is exceeding grade level expectations and amazing us everyday

October 2016
Nashon Burton, 4th Grade, son of Holly Brown
Nashon is the best behaved and hardest working kid. When other students are misbehaving he attempts to get them back on track and then walks away or ignores them if he can't. He gets along with and is a friend to everyone he meets. He is always on task and loves working to get better at things. He is incredibly quick with his math facts and is always working during more independent time like A.R. or centers. When he earns special privileges with his behavior, he often declines them because he doesn't want his classmates to miss out. He is good just to be good.

September 2016
Lavell Williams, 1st Grade, son of Michaela Whitehurst
Lavell is always doing what he is suppose to do. He is a good role model for other students. He always has a kind word for others.

May  2016
Camille Wersel, 1st Grade
daughter of Eric Wersel & Toni Alexander.  Camille is an incredibly hard worker who takes learning into her own hands. She is always on task doing her best on any assignment she is given. She looks for new ways to answer problems and always wants to know more! Camille is a great friend to others. She is courteous, kind, and helpful. Camille is model student a great role model for others!

APRIL 2016
Abigail Coonts, first grade, daughter of Michael and Margaret Coonts
Abigail is a joy to have in class. She always has a positive attitude, makes the right choices, and helps friends in need. She has received numerous positive referrals from several teachers. Abbi is a leader who can always be counted on.

MARCH 2016
Yasmonique Kuykendoll, third grade,
daughter of Jennifer Kuykendoll
Yasmonique is a wonderful role model in 3rd grade. She works very hard and continuously makes smart choices. She is always eager to help others.  Way to go 

FEB 2016 
Rita Feng, first grade, daughter of  Xiu Zheng and  Guo Chai Feng
Rita is a Terrific Tiger because she works so hard, not just to get her work done, but to excel. She is always asking for work that will challenge her.  Rita's sense of responsibility, excellent behavior skills and high work ethic are impressive.  Way to go, Rita!

JAN 2016
Emerald "Emmy" Scott,  4th grade,  Daughter of Cassandra and Lee Scott 
Emmy is always doing the right thing. You never hear her say anything negative about anyone. She is also a straight A student who consistently turns in all of her work on time. You never have to ask her more than once to do something. Emmy is an AWESOME student!

DEC 2015
Gabrielle Schafer, second grade, daughter of David and Samantha Schafer
Gabrielle consistently displays a positive attitude and works diligently on all of her class assignments. She is a team player that holds herself and group members accountable for learning. Gabrielle is always willing to lend an extra pair of hands and help her teachers whenever there is a need.  Gabrielle Schafer is truly a Terrific Tiger.

NOV 2015
Paola Gonzalez, third grade, daughter of Hector and Marfa Gonzalez 
Polly is always willing to help her peers. She looks for ways to help out in the classroom. She always tries her best on her school work even when it requires critical thinking. She is a great role model for her peers by following our Franklin expectations. Anytime Polly leaves our room she has a tiger tail and bubble even when an adult is not present.

OCT 2015
Joseph Coonts, third grade, son of Michael and Margaret Coonts
Joseph exhibits exceptional behavior and a positive attitude at ALL times and in every setting. He is helpful, kind, and encouraging towards his peers and teachers.  Plus, he inspires his teacher...he is truly excited about learning and his face lights up every time he is presented with a new challenge.  Way to go Joseph!!!

SEPT 2015 
Nashayla Burton, fourth grade, daughter of Laticia Burton-Robinson
Nashayla is always on task in the classroom and never has to be redirected. She walks into the classroom everyday with a smile on her face and is ready to work as hard as she can. Nashayla helps out in the room and is willing to help other students with whatever she can. Nashayla is the ideal student to have in any class!

MAY 2015
Brayden Kneezle, Kindergarten, son of Lana and Kyle Kneezle

Brayden can always be found following directions. His integr
ity is strong and he always does the right thing no matter what.  Even if work gets hard for him, he never gives up. Brayden creates strategies and references to remember information or skills.  Brayden is  a true Terrific Tiger!

APRIL 2015
Camille Wersel, Kindergarten, daughter of  Eric Wersel and Toni Alexander

Camille is always kind to the other children and is a friend to everyone.  She always does the right thing where ever she happens to be. The respect she shows adults and students is remarkable.  Camille is such a joy to have at Franklin and sets a great example for a Terrific Tiger.  

MARCH 2015 
Jesse Feng, 3rd grade,  daughter of  Xiu Zheng and  Guo Chai Feng
Jesse is always offering to help her peers.  She looks for ways to help around the classroom and she does not mind being called upon to help when others are in need. Jesse is a true role model.  Way to go Jessie!

FEB 2015
Janessa Southall,  1st Grade, granddaughter of Wanda McGee
Janessa is always following rules at Franklin Elementary.  She is very caring and does not let others sway her behavior.  Janessa is a true Terrific Tiger!

JAN 2015
Brieara Whitcomb, 3rd Grade, Daughter of Megan Luttrell 
Brieara is new to Franklin this year but she already demonstrates the characteristics of a Terrific Tiger. She follows directions quickly, she is a role model to others and she is always respectful to peers and adults. She is a joy to have in class and her actions cause others to reflect on their own behavior. Brieara is a shining light. 

DEC 2014
Emerald Scott, 3rd Grade, Daughter of Cassandra and Lee Scott

Emmy is an incredibly creative problem solver and approaches challenges with a "can do" attitude every time. She is kind, compassionate, and respectful 100% of the time. She sets a great example for others in all settings and she is always happy to lend a helping hand. We are privileged to have her at Franklin Elementary. Emmy is a true Terrific Tiger.

NOV 2014
Ashley Delgado, 1st Grade, Daughter of Lyanet Delgado and Daniel Santos
Ashley is a sweet spirited kid who loves to learn. She is excited and happy to learn new things and works very hard. Ashley is trustworthy and is willing to work with anyone in class. Best of all, there is always a smile on her face. Way to go Ashley!!

OCT 2014
Hadley Browne, 1st Grade, Daughter of Kim Browne and Jason Browne
Hadley is always so helpful in class. She is a diligent worker, and always listens to teachers and peers. She is willing to work with anyone, and is a trustworthy friend. Hadley is a grrreat terrific tiger.

SEPT 2014  
Taylor Horton, 4th Grade, Daughter of Sherry Horton and Alvin Horton  
Taylor is always doing the responsible thing and is always following the rules and setting an example for others. She is constantly ready to help others in any way. Taylor never gives up and tries her hardest even when things are tough. Taylor is a true example of a Terrific Tiger!

MAY 2014
Natalia Jones, 4th Grade, Daughter of Randi and Kyle Spiker

Natalia is always doing what she is supposed to do in school. She goes above and beyond to help others and is always very pleasant. She gets along with everyone and is always respectful to adults. Natalia is a self-starter who achieves at high levels because she is determined to do well.

APRIL 2014
Paola Gonzalez, 1st Grade, Daughter of Marfa and Hector Gonzalez
Paola is a very caring student. She is always willing to help others and tries her best. She is a "willing worker." She has helped classmates on many occasions and does not expect a reward in return. Paola is kind-hearted and conscientious of her work and relationships with others.

MARCH 2014 
Crystalanna Rucker, 3rd Grade, Daughter of Bridgette Jones
Crystalanna is a very caring and kind student who goes out of her way to help others. When she notices another student who needs supplies, she offers her own supplies. Crystalanna is a great role model and we are very proud of her!

FEB 2014
Yasmonique Kuykendoll, 1st Grade, Daughter of Jennifer Kuykendoll
Yasmonique is very helpful to her teachers and classmates. She even asks to miss recess so she can help in the classroom. Yasmonique works hard to move up the clip chart for good behavior and always does her very best on all her work. Way to go Yasmonique!

Davia Lee, 2nd Grade, Daughter of Kenitha Pittman
Davia has a fantastic attitude. She is a hard worker and is persistent and will face any challenge before her and succeed. She is respectful to her peers and teachers and sets an excellent example for others. Franklin is proud to name Davia as our Terrific Tiger.

Madison Gantt, 4th Grade, Daughter of Ashley and Jeff Gantt
Madison is an amazing student. She works hard in class and is always willing to help her peers. Madison is always following the school rules. Her work ethic is that of a student beyond her years. She takes pride in everything she does and never gives less than her best. Madison is an excellent model for a Franklin Terrific Tiger.

Elyse Sumner, 4th Grade, Daughter of Susan Sumner
Elyse always follows school rules and demonstrates this positive behavior to others. She is a great helper and role model for the classroom. Elyse strives to show others what a Terrific Tiger should be. Way to go Elyse!!

Skylar Brown, 4th Grade, Son of Ethel Brown
Skylar is an amazing student. He is a hard worker and pushes himself to learn the "hard topics" and refuses to give up. He knows when to ask for help and knows when he should keep trying himself. This is something not many students understand at this age. He is always kind to his peers and respectful to his teachers. Skylar is an excellent role model for a Franklin Terrific Tiger.

Micah Barton, 1st Grade, Son of Jamie Richardson-Barton and Jeremy Barton
Micah is a very thoughtful young man who puts others before himself. He is a very conscientious student who always tries his best and truly loves school. Micah is a great Terrific Tiger!

MAY 2013
Marlette Southall, Kindergarten, Granddaughter of Wanda McGee
Marlette is always following the rules and goes out of her way to help others with special needs. She is definitely a leader. She helps other students stay on task. She is very responsible, organized and always shows respect to teachers and others. She is truly a "Terrific Tiger."

APRIL 2013
Layne Henderson, 4th Grade, Son of Sherri and Mike Henderson
Layne always works hard in class, tries to do his best and never gives up when things get difficult. He is very helpful to others and a very hard working Ambassador who is always on his post out front helping students come inside. Even when its cold or raining, he refuses to stop. Layne is a great role model and exhibits what a "Terrific Tiger" means.

MARCH 2013
Laniah Webster, 3rd Grade, Daughter of Lana and Jedediah Webster
Laniah is a new Franklin student this year and has been such a great role model for the class. She follows our Franklin rules to a tee, especially the most important one . . . "Respect everyone." She takes it upon herself to see that everyone is included in all the activities.

Makayla Welker, 4th Grade, Daughter of Jennifer Cain and Michael Welker
Makayla is always working hard and going the extra mile. She is a great leader in the classroom and willing to help out her peers and teachers. Makayla is very responsible and always has a positive attitude. She is the perfect Terrific Tiger!

Janika Roberts, 2nd Grade, Daughter of Renata Kallmbah and Levi Roberts
Janika is always a hard worker, very kind and considerate. One of her classmates was crying because he lost his award certificate for a free kids meal and Janika took her certificate out of her backpack and gave it to him. Janika is a true friend.

Olyvia Thomas, 1st Grade, Daughter of Tiffany Thomas
Olyvia is always doing what is right. She is respectful and responsible to her peers and to Franklin staff. Olyvia is always willing to help others, is polite, follows the rules and works very hard in class. Olyvia is a true Terrific Tiger!

Aaliyah Solis, 1st Grade, Daughter of Latoya and Juan Solis
Aaliyah is always doing the right thing. She follows the rules and is a tremendous help to her peers. We can always depend on Aaliyah to make smart choices. She is a conscientious worker, motivated learner and has a super-positive attitude.

Rodney Patterson, 2nd Grade, Nephew of Lubertha and Robert Ellis
Rodney consistently displays a safe, responsible and respectful tiger attitude. He always does the right thing everywhere he goes. Great job, Rodney!!!

Nashayla Burton, 1st Grade, Daughter of Laticia and William Smith
Nashayla follows all the rules and has had a "smiley face" every day. She puts her best effort forward and is always kind to others. Way to go Nashayla!!!